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Susanne Müller

Susanne Müller nationally recognized sports and gymnastics teacher was  working in a recognized rehabilitation clinic as sports therapist for over 14 years before she went into self-employment for wellness and health. Susanne Müller is into continuous training and education.

Jim Ruf

Jim Ruf learned his trade in different courses and from Mrs. Müller in an apprenticeship over the course of several months.

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Because of the high demand we advise you to book your Appointment 2-3 weeks in advance. If you try to get an appointment when you are here it is very likely you will only be put on our waitinglist.

Telephone: +49 (0)7532 494860
E-Mail: susannemuellerwellness@web.de

The Massages will be charged in bar and have to be paid to your therapist.

Our Wellness offers

Hot Stone Massage

A full body massage where approximately 60 Lavastones which are heated to about 50 Degrees Celsius are used on or under your Body.

The localized heat and weight of the rocks allow for improved blood circulation and an easing of tense muscles that allow for deeper muscle layers to be reached.

This kind off Massage is a treat to your senses as well as for your musculature. With heat and the work done to your Energy flow, body and mind are synchronized again. The total relaxation and pleasure are the goal of this technique, therapeutical use is not the focus.


A smooth and continuous technique under the usage of 100% biological ethereous oils. Through their properties they will relax your body as well as stimulate circular flow of blood and concentration to ensure wellbeing and regeneration of Body and mind.

A full body massage that if you wish so, can be booked more forcefully but still relaxing.

Thai Massage

This Massage will be done on a Thai Matt and will be performed fully clothed. It is a mixture of Acupressure, distension (Passive yoga), energy flow as well as meditation. The focus of this massage technique is the whole Human being.


Through massaging and pressuring certain points of the foot certain organs will be influenced in a positive way.

Your circular flow of blood and the self-healing power of your body will be increased.

Dorn method

The Dorn method gives the opportunity to relocated almost every joint in your body in a gentle way. It will only be used if necessary, meaning, after a few tests done within your appointments.

My believe for this is:
There are no illnesses!
There are only energy-blockages, that lead to illness!