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Wellness & massage

Susanne Müller nationally recognized sports and gymnastics teacher was over 14 years working in a recognized rehabilitation clinic as sports therapist before she went into self-employment for wellness and health.Susanne Müller is into continuous training and continuing education. 

Appointments required, even on sundays and holidays via reception.

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Aroma massage

A gentle, continuous technique using 100% organic vegetable oils that relax by their action, bleed through and act promotes concentration and thus to the wellbeing and regeneration of body and spirit contribute a full body massage which can be booked on request as a powerful and yet relaxing massage.

60 Min 52.00 € 
75 Min 63.00 € 
90 Min 75.00 €

Hot stone massage

A full body massage with 60 basalt lava stones to about 50° C used on top or under your body. The stored heat from the stones penetrates deep into the body and stimulates the lymphs, until finally refrigerated marine marble stones shoulder and neck massage around the circuit to excite again. This type of massage is a treat for the senses and a treat for the muscles, brought in by the heat and energy work, body and mind relax absolute and enjoy is the goal of this massage technique, therapeutic work is not a priority. 

90 min 66.00 €

Thai Massage

This massage is on a thai mat on the clothed body. It is a combination of acupressure, stretching (passive yoga), energy work and meditation This traditional massage technique focuses on the whole body.

60 Min 52.00 € 
75 Min 62.00 € 
90 Min 72.00 €

Foot reflexology massage

Pressure at specific points of the foot the associated organ acted positively. Which increases blood flow and self-healing powers are stimulated.

30 Min 30.00 €
45 Min 42.00 €

DORN Therapy

The DORN therapy offers the possibility of returning nearly all joints of the body in a gentle way to its original position. Practised only when necessary, after a few tests in the respective treatments used.

My mindset is: There is no disease there is only energy blockages that lead to disease!